Raspberry pi, myo armband connection trouble(Fixed)


None of these problems matter if you update your system to to the latest Raspian Jessie Pixel! 😉

//////////////Fixing the connection

Well it’s more of a patch really. You follow these steps every time you want to connect your raspberry pi to the myo armband (if your using dzhu’s myo_raw at least) so if your myo armband keeps disconnecting from the raspberry pi or won’t connect properly at all, pay attention! 🙂 This terrific piece of technology is worth it.

So I’m not sure what exactly the problem is it could be a flaw in the python Bluetooth connection code or it could be some kinda firmware side effect from the Myo itself…But! There IS a way to work with it.

/////////7 small steps to connect to the myo

mastered from VERY frustrating experience. You need only do this once per boot And it’ll work fine untill you shut off your pi:

1-Put on the Myo armband.

2-Run Myo_raw.py and a blank pygame window should open up. (If you don’t have pygame for some reason, go get it!)

3-Connect to Myo by adding Bluetooth device from the desktop…

So far so good. Now ..

4-disconnect from the Myo armband, then remove device from the menu.

5- move around your arm till the myo vibrates and is activated.

6-Pair again

7-Disconnect but DO NOT forget device this time.

We’re in business. This screen should respond to your movements. These 8 horizontal rows are in fact your muscle activity, your emg.

This method works every single time without fail. Remember you never have to do it again unless you reboot your pi. If anyone out there has fixed the Bluetooth problem please let me Know!