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Around the start of summer 2016 soon after my foot healed. I Started learning python and after a few hello worlds examples and many failed attempts at making coding interesting, I figured computers would be more useful (and fun) to me if I could make them move. I’ve always been more hands on and I like to be able to touch my progress. And if I got good at it, maybe I can make a living.

My weapon of choice would be the Raspberry Pi. The microcomputer with unlimited potential. The more I read about it, the more I had to have it.

From there my hunger for knowledge grew with rampant imagination:

When I figured out how to do this with some cheap hardware, broken toys and popsicle sticks, I felt like I could probably do anything and i learned that programming doesn’t have to be hard at all and that the knowledge CAN be broken down in a way that anyone could understand.

This blog serves as a reference guide for those interested in learning technology whether for practical or impactical use as well as document my progress.

For people who want to get started on an electronics hobby or career but don’t know where to look, for people who are good with their hands and want to be more helpful but don’t know where to begin or can’t afford a conventional education. For people with very unconventional talents and interests or just need an outlet!

I designed this site for YOU!

These easy to understand posts are intro guides to multiple fields of programming using python3 and the Raspberry Pi. Anything I’ve learned from Computer Vision to cybernetic prosthetics is broken down in sexy packages to make learning practical, conveniant and fun requiring little experience to learn as you go. And I’m always here to help.

I can’t wait 🙂

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