3D Printing: Robo3D R1 Plus Upgrades

In the last post I got a better feel for what my 3d printer can do, and how it does it by printing out many varied geometries and many varied sizes. if you’ve happened upon this post, I suggest you do the same if you’ve haven’t already gotten a feel for your machine.

///////////////////////4 Upgrades:

Now that I’ve gotten a clue to as what the Robo 3d r1 + 3d printer can do for me and what it cannot, it’s just about time to see what I can do for this fine machine to reduce its limitations as much as possible. It’s time to upgrade. There’s all sorts of 3d printable upgrades for many machines on thingiverse for instance. Prusa i3, Phineas, MakerBot etc. Now this post is Robo 3D specific, but the basic ideology would be very similar to any machine.

There are some available upgrades for 3d printers to make life easier and make better prints and the great thing is you can just print out most of em! Personally I like using my favorite black PLA so it matches.

Quick Change Top Spool Holder:

This quick change spool holder makes life so much easier. Feed is better, change is quick, life is grand for the Robo3D

Creates the shortest path and least resistance to your materials reducing the odds of a clogged extruders. make sure to print the actual holder vertically or it’s gonna give you the wrong friction and create MORE resistance increasing the odds of a fukd up print.

Matter control holder:

Can't believe Robo3D didn't think of this themselves.

Now my matter control tablet won't be on the floor anymore.

Makes life easier than you think n the tablets not on the floor anymore.


Now I can clean/store stuff under my r1+

Now I can sweep under the machine n give the bottom fan a lil room to breathe AND I can save space by putting tools n shit underneath.ooh! N they’re stackable.

Thread stabilizer:

Z axis thread stabilizer for the Robo3D r1+. Smoother prints and less noise.

Smoother prints. Less noise. VERY important upgrade and completely screwless.

Got that one here:

Deck hole cover:


keeps me from shoveling my smaller prints into the chassis of the printer…Lost it in the underbelly of the printer as soon as I installed it n never saw it again.

But when the time is right, you’ll want to upgrade to an E3dv6:

Must have upgrade for the Robo3D r1+

Half installed e3dv6

which is the top of the line when it comes to extruders. More accurate prints, easier to deal with mechanically and it never ever clogs. I would save that one for last until you really know what your doing…

…Which I did NOT but the default extruder that my Robo r1+ came with finally died not to mention I broke it MORE by trying to swap out the thermistor and the other thingamajig

The default printer head for the r1+..busted.

Now since I wasn’t planning on it breaking I never printed out the modified carriage for this thing so here’s what I did: tightened both screws on the release plate so the extruder was firmly in place and I plugged in the new wires into the old ones which weren’t designed to connect but they’re staying put just fine.

I took out the old fan holder and left the fan itself dangling. I used the old thermistor so I wouldn’t have to open up the printer. And I used the new temperature sensor as I broke the old one. Bootleg as hell but..

It’s printing out fantastic!

Now what I DIDNT do was update the firmware code so that the printer recognizes it’s new expanded limitations. This is because I don’t have a real computer i use matter control touch for 3d printing and I use the raspberry pi for personal and that’s not powerful enough for the matter control software. So that’s gonna have to wait a bit all that really does is expand on the material I can use. What I do get however is better printing quality and a nozzle thats next to impossible to clog which was the most common issue I faced while using the old nozzle. So these perks are great for right now and I have a printer in which I can build all the e3d add-ons with anyway. So I win!

First thing I printed was the e3dv6 quick release plate:

This quick release plate is a perfect fit for the newly installed e3dv6

which has a better fit on the e3d.

Next I’m getting a new fan holder so that the old one doesn’t dangle anymore.

New fan holder to complete the installation

But this one didn’t quite work out…And being as my old fan was dead anyway I decided to hold off on that for a spell.

A new shroud for style. This one’s compatible with both versions of the Robo the other one(the cooler one) only works on the old model!

Herringbone gears also for aesthetic mostly but I think they offer more efficient extrusion somehow. They come with a new carriage designed to better fit the e3d v6 extruder nozzle. But so far I don’t see any reason to replace the old carriage.

Well, stay tuned for updates and all that jazz and feel free to comment or ping.

Thank you so much!


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