Raspberry pi Upgrades 

I had this thing collecting dust for about 2 months then my Mac finally died and I realized I can use this for a computer. When I got it up n running I realized I can use the computer for anything and with the right accessories, optimize and expand the way I use computers on a daily.

The Raspberry Pi

Raspberry pi3 ultimate starter kit:

I'll show you how make this thing do ANYTHING!!

I have found a very useful well, use for just about everything in this package. Like the manufacturers have thoroughly thought out everything I would do with a machine like this. Perfect package to get you started on your electronic endeavors.

Raspberry pi Accessories

Eleduino Raspberry pi case:

Perfect case for the Raspberry pi 3

Of all the raspberry pi cases I’ve seen, bought or 3d printed, this is by far the coolest looking, toughest case I’ve ever seen or used. Simple, sleek and noninvasive as it never gets in the way of any plugs you may need


Rechargeable Portable Wireless keyboard

With a touchpad, laser pointer and a charge that lasts forever. Perfect for making your raspberry pi computer more “portable friendly” Need I say more?


I chose this wireless mouse because it’s performance is perfectly responsive and accurate(good enough to be a gaming mouse).

and it’s usb Bluetooth connector also functions as a micro SD card reader so you can make backups on the fly.

Altec usb Speaker:

OK not the most portable but I love, LOVE the sound I get off this thing. It’s a huge sound for a small speaker.

Love Rpi On/off switch:

This is great so you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the micro chord which would eventually damage the connection.

Anker USB Battery:

lipstick sized battery bout 3-4 hours of on the go with a smart IQ charger. Perfect portability.

///Raspberry pi touch screens

Definitely -must have- raspberry pi mods for on the go computing.

3.5″ lcd:

my first screen great resolution but just a tad too small for me

Though that small size makes it portable enough to put in your pocket.

5″ lcd HD:

perfect size screen for me. It can be used out of the box and separated from the pi via HDMI cable or can be attached directly to the pi after calibration.

The raspberry pi hub:

A 4 hub ..usb hub with two possible power sources specifically designed for the raspberry but it’s useful for everyday really. You can plug in multiple raspberry pis without worrying about power distribution or you can simply charge your phone on the same hub as your pi.

The Celluon EPIC Laser keyboard:

OK this one’s a bit self indulgent…But gosh it’s cool!

It’s literally a full-size laser projection of a keyboard. Blue tooth connected. This is one of the better ones. Pretty decent response time although not for speedy Typing Can be put on a laser mouse mode as well. Keyboards like this are ideal for portable, sleek projects. Only drawback however, is that you need a flat surface to effectively type on.


that should be enough to badass-ify your raspberry pi and to give you all the standard functionality of a full sized computer.

Stay tuned for more updates I’m always trying out new gizmos to apply to the Raspberry.

And feel free to shoot a few suggestions if you have any accessories in mind.

Feel free to ping.

Cheers! 🙂

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