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How I Learned to Solder Really, Really Fast

Soldering can be very intimidating at first and even a little dangerous if your not careful. I held off on it for months until i realized i could go no further without this skill.

This short post serves as a quick start guide into learning how to solder as well as highly recommended gear to quickly get you up and running. It aims to clear up some fog and get you soldering as soon as possible. But remember like with any skill, at the end of the day it’s all about practice.

Soldering Gear

The first thing we’ll need is gear. Which is thankfully inexpensive and highly accessible.

-The ANBES Soldering Iron Kit:

A good investment for any tinkerer that has mostly everything you’ll need to start soldering. Includes The iron, a bunch of different soldering heads for different situations, solder wire, solder suction and a stand so you don’t set your place on fire.

Helping hands

posable, jointed arms which hold your board/ wires in place while you solder and has The added benefit of a magnifying glass to help you see better and protect your eyes.

A Hakko Solder tip cleaner

to make sure your tool is as clean and efficient as possible.

A LuditekRepairMat– so you don’t make a mess and end up with hard solder all the place.

And a pair of stylish safety goggles to protect your eyes from any surprises.

Practice Makes Perfect

This video by Adafruit will help you with actual soldering technique. And really makes it easy to learn and study from.

Watch this video as many times as you need to and practice on things that wont mind making mistakes on. (Remember! Soldering can be dangerous so please make safety the number 1 priority!)

Practice! practice! practice! And before you know it, you’ll be soldering circuitry and PCB boards!

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