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Really Useful Tips for The Laser Pecker Portable Engraver

Helpful Engraving Tips

In the last post i tutorial/ reviewed the wicked cool Laser Pecker portable laser engraver.

But i didn’t really bottom line the basic tips and trick for a solid and consistent engraving. So this post will serve as a clear list list of tips and tricks to get the most out of the laser pecker so that you can focus more on the fun than the potential stress of learning the hard way.

1- Use that Ruler!

make sure the laser is around 8 inches(200mm) high to give it the range it needs for optimal performance.

2-Level the laser!

make sure the laser is not tilted in any way.

A slanted laser could mean inconsistent quality in a print that could ruin your engraving.


While this thing works great outdoors in pretty much any condition, it’s important to keep in mind proper ventilation while working indoors as unchecked smoke can weaken the laser and lead to a sub-par print.

Now If you REALLY want to consolidate, i recommend the Jesir 3 in one Portable battery, Fan and Flashlight to be able to simultaneously power the pecker AND ventilate the working area.

4- Double Tap!

Never ever remove a print unless you are SURE that it’s either perfect or beyond repair.

In some instances, all you need to do is repeat the process once more to see desired results and it could potentially waste time, effort and materials to remove a print prematurely.

5- Cleanup!

Sometimes all you need to do is cleanup your engraving to see what it really looks like.

6- Keep Track!

It’s a good idea to mark the settings of your practice engravings as results will definitely vary depending on which filter you use as well as the photo you are trying to engrave.

Marking test prints creates a reference for future engravings that share a similar quality which can save time and material.

And of course…

7- Practice makes perfect. This wonderful gadget does MOST of the work for you, but like with anything, it is only practice that will improve your experience and draw out your latent skills.

Thank you for Finding Me

That’s all for now. As usual, stay tuned for updates, keep in touch and I’d like to thank all my contributors for helping to make this post possible.

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