How I Learned to Solder ridiculously fast

Used to look at soldering as an obstacle and would find ways to achieve what I’m looking for without soldering. Till I maxed out what I could actually pull off without it and soldering was the only way to go.

Now that I can solder I can do crazy shit like putting together servohat for iot or robotics projects. Can build drones. A whole new avenue of physical computing opened up to me just because of that.

And ya know it’s not as bad as I thought it be actually pretty fun.

god bless the folks at adafruit industries. They really know to break it down. Felt like a pro after this video.

Soldering iron kit: contains all you need to get started on your soldering endeavors. The iron, a bunch of different soldering heads, solder wire, solder suction and a stand so you don’t set your place on fire.

Helping hands: great for holding your “victim” in place. With an attached magnifying glass to have a better look at what your soldering.

Solder holder/ cleaner: a copper brillo station thingy so you can clean the soldering iron before and after use.


A heat resistant solder mat so you don’t make a mess or burn any holes in your home.

And a pair of stylish safety goggles to protect your eyes from any surprises.

With the video and all this gear, you need only faith in yourself to utilize these oh so useful tools.